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October 2014


This Beautiful Death

October 27, 2014

Isn’t it incredible that every single year God would remind us how beautiful it is to die?

What kindness is that?

It’s as if He’s saying, “Look here. See the majesty of the changing leaves? I’ve done all the work it requires to make something so unappealing into something so alluringly glorious. I invite you onto this path with Me. See how beautiful it is to die.”

But since when is death ever appealing? Since when did we ever see something start to die and exclaim, “Sign me up! I want that!”

We don’t live in a culture like that. We resist the masochism of mortifying our flesh and thereby forfeit the gain of the truest Life He has to offer.

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Holding on to Faith

October 13, 2014

It isn’t every day you see a horse walking down the street of an average American neighborhood. Two-ton machines on four wheels with headlights and loud music don’t turn any heads except to get out of the road. But a thousand-pound, four-legged clopping beast is guaranteed to draw a crowd in the inner city.

Last week we went into the ghettos of Shelby, North Carolina in hopes of giving away clothes, books, and some miscellaneous items to any who might be in need. After setting up in a nearby church parking lot, a few of us set off down the street with Tim and his horse, Faith.

Let me tell you a bit about Faith. She’s barely two years old, and she has an attitude.

The second day of this trip, I spent a couple of hours holding Faith’s halter while she grazed in a grassy lawn. Every time her head was near enough to me, she would smack me with the side of her head. I am not a horseman. But instinctively I knew this to be bad manners.

So here we are, walking down the street with Faith and I’m just a little nervous about how much attitude we will be seeing.

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Stepping Out

October 6, 2014

The majority of those who read this currently have a fairly predictable way of life. You have a regular place that you sleep every night, and a job that takes up most of your time during the day. You have a family that you come home to, friends you make time for, and assuredly you have some form of recreation with which you reward yourself at the end of a hard day’s work. You may love your job, you may hate your job. You may look forward to coming home from work, you may look forward to leaving for work the next day. We all have unique lifestyles and unique interests. But we all just want to make a life for ourselves and get some sort of satisfaction out of the way we spend our days.

Last Wednesday, I embarked upon a new season of life which I believe will propel me into greater realms of this satisfaction we are all craving. And the first step I took is I became homeless.

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