If you’ve been around the internet much these days you may have noticed by now that there are more than a few articles to read. Apparently one of your many clicks online right now has brought you here. I hope your stay with me is worthwhile.

So many in society today are desperately trying to be heard, be seen, be noticed. The internet is like an invisible market with flashing neon lights beckoning the average individual to step into the fame awaiting them by way of that one happenstance viral post. I can assure you this is not that. And I am honored that you are here.

This website is not for promotion of a product, an organization, nor myself. It would seem I have been given a story to tell and to not tell it would be to deny a divine responsibility. The telling of it is regardless of audience. Because the ultimate audience I must have is One. I tell the story He gives and I tell it back to Him.

Very soon I will get an opportunity to observe another story being told through the lives of two individuals who gave up literally everything they owned to travel the US and tell the most scandalous love story of all time. Perhaps you’ve heard it. I’ll get into that one more a bit later on…

In the meantime, welcome to my site. 🙂 It’s so nice having you here. If you choose to stick around for a while, chances are you’ll see some pretty interesting things happening on here. So grab your coffee and maybe snuggle up to a puppy as you follow me following Someone on an adventure across the country these next few months.

It’s uncharted territory, but the Guide insists that He knows where He’s going. It’ll get pretty dangerous from time to time, but it’s the safest kind of danger you will ever be in. I am finding it much more preferable to that dangerous safety we’ve known all too well. I hope you’ll join me.