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December 2017

The Tuggles

Episode 17: The Healing

December 8, 2017

The team reached the city limits of Bloomington near mid-afternoon. Approaching an intersection, they hovered on the grassy incline at the side of the road, careful to stay out of traffic. With the light green, they continued onward to make it across the road before the signal changed. Before reaching the pavement, a small, red car heading down the road came to a sudden halt next to them, still lingering mostly in the street due to the absence of a shoulder.

The doors opened simultaneously on either side and an older man and woman exited in unison. Visibly distraught, the man urgently rounded the car, approaching Tim at the front of the pack.

“Will you please pray for my grandson?” the man asked, his eyes an inch shy of the bill of his ball cap. His wife followed behind him dabbing with a tissue at the corner of her eye behind her sunglasses.

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The Tuggles

Episode 16: The Fever

December 6, 2017

The cool, spring breeze blew softly, contrasting the hot, Indiana sunshine. The excitement level continued to grow as the team of horses clip-clopped past the sign for Covington, only several miles ahead. Looking back on the unfolding of their journey, Tim smiled at his former naiveté—having planned to reach their hometown by the first winter and then see their journey completed after a total of eleven months. Nearly two years later, here they were, finally crossing over into the familiar territory of their childhood stomping grounds.

“Thanks for calling, Ryan,” Tim spoke, cell phone to his ear. “We’re excited for you and Hannah… Okay… Love you too… Bye.” He hung up the phone and slipped it back inside the front pocket of his plaid, long-sleeved button-up.

“Hannah just got a job offer in Indianapolis,” he told Lynn.

“Really?” she answered, intrigued.

“Yep. They’re moving in three weeks,” he concluded. She pondered the news.

“Will we make it to Memphis before then?” she asked.

“Doubtful,” he replied, pausing a few moments. “Maybe that’s our confirmation that we’re not supposed to go to Memphis.” He looked over at her, watching for her reaction. They exchanged a glance and both waited on the other to speak. “There is no reason for us to go,” Tim said, finally.

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The Tuggles

Episode 15: The Ozarks

December 5, 2017

They journeyed on through the heart of Missouri, traveling alongside highway 54 heading towards the state capitol. It was nearing the middle of the afternoon, overcast, and a bit chilly on this autumn day. Trotting along, something caught Lynn’s eye at the top of the tree line a few hundred yards ahead of them. A faded billboard peeked out through the branches.

“Oh, Lake of the Ozarks!” Lynn exclaimed. “Can we go down there?” she appealed to her husband.

Tim looked up at the billboard and shook his head. “No one is going to let us go down by the lake with five horses,” he stated without looking back at her. “There will be tourists everywhere. I hardly think they would welcome a procession like ours.”

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The Tuggles

Episode 14: The Power

December 2, 2017

As the horsemen caravan entered the quaint, tiny town at the border of Missouri, a rumble sounded from Tim’s stomach. Lifting his wrist, his watch read 4:12. The horses trotted past the faded wooded sign beneath a cluster of trees to the left.

“Welcome to Seneca.”

This place seemed as good as any to wind down for the night. There were only a few scattered shops along the street and up ahead they could see where the town ended in less than a half mile. They approached an old railroad track that appeared to run straight through the middle of the town, the pavement elevating at a slight incline at the junction. Standing at the bottom of the incline near the asphalt were five teenage boys, puffs of smoke rising from each one.

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