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December 22, 2017

The Tuggles

Episode 23: The School

December 22, 2017

Tim scanned the parking lot as they approached the over-sized front doors. Four police cars in a row with a sheriff’s car at the end. They were clearly no longer on the grounds of a tidy Christian school as many of the previous weeks had contained. This was Tim’s favorite—the unlikeliness of a public school. He grinned to himself and held the bulky front door open for Lynn with Chico following on her heels. They approached the reception desk and Tim removed his cowboy hat.

“Hi, there. We’re here for Mr. Goldman’s History class. Tim and Lynn Tuggle.”

The secretary smiled pleasantly and retreated to a back area after greeting them. A minute later she returned with a taller man in a business suit who opened a side door to usher them back into the office area.

“Mr. Tuggle, welcome to Hunter Huss High School.” He gave Tim a sturdy handshake. “I’m Sam Alps, the principal.”

The three greeted each other and mingled before introducing them to more of the staff milling around. The bell rang to change classes and students shuffled through the hallway in front of the main office.

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