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December 11, 2017

The Tuggles

Episode 18: The Altar

December 11, 2017

She tossed the first trash bag overhead into the dumpster. Pausing for a breath, Nikki clenched her jaw and swatted at a fly buzzing near her ear. She scoffed. As the owner of the restaurant her tasks were typically found indoors, far from the stenches of refuse. Readying her lower back for the second swing, something caught her eye at the end of the drive. She looked up to see what appeared to be a scene from an old Western movie. A pack of horses led by a man and woman in cowboy hats clip-clopped their way towards her in the back alley of her small-town, Tennessee restaurant. Not a sight you see every day. Bewildered at the scene, she called out a simple, “Hey!”

They greeted her cheerfully, relieved at the stop for rest and filling their bellies. After introducing themselves Nikki gawked at them with wonderment.

“Oh my gosh. You guys just stopped what you were doing to come eat here?”

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