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December 2015


Keep Me Young, South Dakota

December 19, 2015

If you want an uneventful life, don’t hang out with the Tuggles.

As Tim drove Lynn and me up the side of a snowy hilltop in the Black Hills of South Dakota with a drop-off to our lefthand side and I insecurely bounced around on the middle console of this old beater truck, I found myself saying to them, “You two keep me young.” While simultaneously praying that that wouldn’t turn into “You two kill me young.”

I tell you what, buddy, I’ve wondered most every day since Monday if I was about to be seeing the Lord’s face. From getting stranded due to a snowstorm after 20 hours of travel, to a solo sleepover in a random town hotel, to rescuing fellow snowstorm victims out of ditches along the interstate, to closing my eyes on that console with sweaty palms, I think I’ve met my quota for heart-pounding circumstances for 2015. Tim and Lynn will send you out with a bang.

But no “yes” that we say to Jesus is void of eventfulness, and I wouldn’t trade this crazy life I lead for any other. In a few months, Lord willing, we’ll have a book in our hands and I will put the most adventurous season of my life thus far on the shelves.

Until then, I’ll just try to stay young and not dead.